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Case Study: Automotive

Designs and materials for Internal car parts will be tested in actual and simulated environments: Micro-Cab H2EV Model in TechnoCentre Coventry University (UK), Fiat Model in CRF (Italy), MAIER’s OEM car model (Spain).

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Case Study: Furniture

New materials and processes will be used to build small structures out of wood and plastic composites. Demonstrators will include service houses for the new Kymring motorsport center in Finland.

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Case Study: Construction

New designs and concepts for office and laboratory furniture will be demonstrated at the Technical Univer-sity Delft, Cranfield University and Warwickshire Town Hall.

Composite materials and products are a fast-growing part of the manufacturing industry. They are strong and light which helps to reduce weight and material consumption. They are also notorously diffcult to reuse or recycle as the loss of quality and value makes it economically unattractive. Composites are thus becoming an obstacle to circular economy models; one that we believe must be tackled from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

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